Venue : Keysoe International
Event : BRC Area 7 DTM Qualifier
Event Date 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
Today is 14 Aug 2022
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Arena Class No Class Name Entries Status Class Starts Class Ends Results Summary
Main Indoor Arena 2 Jun Music Freestyle - Novice 1 Closed 08:40 08:48:00
Arena: Main Indoor Arena
No: 2   Jun
Class Name:
Music Freestyle - Novice
Entries: 1
Status: Closed
Class Starts: 08:40
Class Ends: 08:48:00
Judges: Ann Bostock

Class Section Rider No Rider Horse Time Score Colls % Place OP Rider Status Times Detail
2 Jun Junior 37 Harriet Froud Mollys Choice 08:40 126.00 65.50 70 % 1 1 Entered
Class: 2 Jun
Section: Junior
Rider No: 37
Rider: Harriet Froud
Horse: Mollys Choice
Time: 08:40
Score: 126.00
Colls: 65.50
%: 70%
Place: 1
OP: 1
Rider Status: Entered
  • We are trying to run this event as contactless as possible, therefore those who would like to send a digital copy of their music ahead of the event please email the file to Katy Evans (
  • Please also send your BD membership number and image of your PPL music stickers to cover the music licence requirements. If you have entered two classes it is REALLY important to make clear which CD or music file is for which class!
  • Please remember that this is a *Closed Event - No Spectators* - Please ensure you and your +1 are aware of the event plans and requirements, anyone found not following the guidelines will be eliminated.